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Privacy Policy


These designed privacy policies are subject to the agreement between the user(s) and with the sole objective of using the user data required while registering, accessing, and/or browsing our web portal and/or mobile application. The agreement will be active from the date of user registration till the account exists on

The cadre of always upholds the privacy of our visitors at apotheosis. We can strong-headedly claim that is embedded with a system that offers a vindicate protection of data. We believe in providing our visitor(s) and/or customer(s) with a secure and reliable visit and access to our job portal. We are committed to protecting the collection of data of our visitor(s) and/or customer(s) we use online while the users practice on the site and/or mobile application of 

To understand our privacy policies further, we are elucidating our policies of privacy in a perspicuous manner. Any personal and/or impersonal information you share with us is subject to identify, manage, and protect sequentially in order to maintain the security of your data.  



Correspondingly, following the standards of IEIL, we believe sets of information which are collectable, usable, transferable, and disclosable in nature are guaranteed to safeguard the data of the users and/or visitors of the

To your notice, our privacy policies are designed to secure your digital database that we require while you access our portal. These policies are specifically applicable to only online data usage of the users of we are not responsible for any offline database of the user. 


The type of data we are supposed to use is thoroughly the information you are willing to share with us for having the accessibility to our portal. The data contains the basic set of information such as first name, middle or last name, e-mail address, contact number, IP address, and other required data like attachments and content of the messages essential for a job portal to overture your desired reach rates. In the case of registering through a reference, you need to share the referral code or details. If you are signing in with Google or Facebook, then we will have the details of that specific account also; as it will be the source of registration. 

Furthermore, in the case of making any calls for valid reasons like user identity confirmation, safeguarding, plans acknowledgement, beneficial offers, taking approvals, etc., may have your current impersonal details as per the conversation.

Being a leading job portal, collects different information from different users. For instance, a job seeker has to submit a set of information including their resume, current and/or previous company, work experience, current location, hometown, locations willing to relocate, last cost to the company, expected cost to the company, etc., to our portal after the registration. On the other hand, if a company or an HR professional registers on our portal, then they have to submit the set of information which includes the company’s name, location, branches, size, working hours and days, estimated pay scale offering, job type, designation, job description, registered address of the company, contact details of the company and so on.


We seek users’ information for security and accessibility purposes. Our portal is designed intelligently with smart features; it required some of the specific details of the user(s) for giving the accessibility after confirming each user’s authenticity for security.  


The privacy policies of are applicable to portal usage solely. No other websites and/or portal or any other body of the company can use the submitted information of the user(s) offline and online. If any other parties or third parties are using the information, then has no vital role in it because we safeguard our user’s privacy at our best. We only share the information of the user where required as explained in the clause “What information do we need?”. However, if any company contacts any candidate or vice versa, then is not responsible for their further conversations and sharing of the details respectively.


Stealing the data of the users is sternly prohibited by portal. Any case of data theft is subject to raise legal action right away. Neither the job seekers nor the companies are supposed to steal the data of any user of Any misuse or misleading may lead the culprit to legal jeopardy. Also, no third party can sell the data of portal to any other platform. We do not trade the data of our user(s) without their permission or unnecessarily. The transfer of user data can be done only after a user approves or gives consent to share the data further with the sole motive of getting interactive reach from company to candidates or from candidates to companies.


We at explained to you our privacy policies by unfolding all the details because we respect our users and their privacy. We believe that if they are being a part of our portal, then it is our duty to offer them a secure and protected experience that augments a bridge of trust and reliability between and its users. 

We tend to protect your data by every possible means we can. Therefore, we are making you aware of the rights you have towards the data protection and these are as follow:

  • You have the right to modify and/update your data anytime you require.
  • You are allowed to have a copy of the attachments you have submitted to our portal.
  • You can screenshot and keep the records of the activities performing on our portal.
  • You can also delete or erase the data under specific conditions you submitted to our portal anytime you need to.
  • You can restrict your personal data such as contact number or location if you do not feel like sharing it directly with companies and/or candidates.

YOUR CONSENT COMES FIRST? always seeks your consent first in the countenance of an agreement to our privacy policies, cookies, and usage terms. By agreeing to our privacy policies, cookies, and usage terms, you approve to share your personal and impersonal data to possess the accessibility to our portal. We at are complying with all the applicable legal obligations and therefore we at require your consent on priority.