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Terms and Conditions

This page is dedicated to annotating the terms of use https://lelojobs.com, an online job portal for posting and searching the jobs. These terms of use are designed specifically for the respective user(s) of our job portal lelojobs.com to understand our standards of accessibility. 

We are elucidating our terms of use to you because elojobs.com does not want you to be bemused about our procedures and processes. We tend to pass knowledge as sufficient as is possible because we aim to provide you with world-class translucent services. We request you to read and understand our terms of use designed specifically for our users to provide them with a user-friendly experience on our portal.


Lelojobs.com is a public platform that is free to register, browse and/or visit by anyone across the globe. Any company, organization, group, and/or individual can visit, browse, and/or register on the portal by fulfilling the required entries or following some simple steps displayed at the time of browsing. Lelojobs.com is not solely responsible for the activities and/or responses on the portal. However, in the case of violation of the policies and/or any suspicious hazardous activity, lelojobs.com has all the rights to take legal action against the activist or suspend the users’ account. 

As the name implies, lelojobs.com is an online job portal that is designed specifically for those who either require a job or workforce it may be an individual, a company, or a group of people/companies. No company or individuals can perform any irrelevant activity on the portal. These mentioned bodies are allowed to publish jobs, search for jobs and candidates, and apply for the jobs, shortlist and contact candidates. Also, the companies, recruiters, organizations are liable to use a candidate’s contact details in a legitimate manner only i.e. for hiring purpose, any other irrelevant or unpleasant activity can be subject to the dissension of law and policies of lelojobs.com portal. 

Let’s understand our terms of use in detail by reading the following points:

  1. Registering with valid details

You must have to enter all the valid details that are required at the time of registering or signing up on lelojobs.com. Your account must pass all the verification steps that may take place at the time of your registering on our portal.

2. Compliance with the terms and policies

After registering, you are supposed to comply with all the policies, terms, and conditions designed for maintaining the better user experience and authentic activities on the portal. In the case of denial of any policies, terms, and conditions, lelojobs.com has all the rights to suspend your account.

3. Posting & Publishing of jobs

A company, an individual, and/or an organization can post and publish the job ads. However, we urge companies, individuals, or organizations to post and publish genuine requirements because we do not support any kind of false interpretation of information on our portal.

4. Applying for the jobs

While applying for any job, a candidate must have to make sure that the details given in the resume are up to the mark and true to their knowledge. We at lelojobs.com do not support misleading and misinformation in any countenance. Candidates must check once if the information added to their resume is authentic and true or not. If not, then they may lose an opportunity because of providing false information.

5. Accessing the contact and other details of candidates and/or companies

Lelojobs.com is a medium to connect a job seeker to an employer and/or recruiter or vice versa. One must have a sense of responsibility to use the contact and other details of others with decency. Lelojobs.com does not appreciate the usage of information received in a wrong and/or unacceptable manner. Such actions may lead the faulty activist into legal jeopardy.

6. Communications on the portal

The communications on the portal that may take place between the job seekers and employer and/or recruiters should be ethical and relevant to the requirements. Any sort of malicious behaviour from any end is sternly unacceptable and certainly unethical. We at lelojobs.com strongly condemn malicious and unethical behaviour. 

7. Authenticity of information provided on lelojobs.com

As stated in clause 1, a user has to provide authentic and true sets of information from the moment they got registered till their account exists on lelojobs.com because any false information is sternly unacceptable by lelojobs.com.

All the statements that explain any point that is unaccepted, condemned, unappreciated, supported and opposed by lelojobs.com may be considered as a refusal to comply with terms, conditions, and policies designed by lelojobs.com and defiance to law and judiciary. Such actions may be the reason for your account suspension or any legal consequences because lelojobs.com has all the rights to take any legal and valid action against those who violate the above-mentioned terms of use.

Note: These terms may change and/or modify at any time. Lelojobs.com may update you regarding such changes on the site.